Shauna is simply amazing! Not only does she help you become a better handler and team member for your dog, she takes the time to encourage you and congratulate you on your successes.

My Australian Shepherd has always been extremely cautious of the teeter, going over it so slowly that it has costed us some qualifying runs at agility trials, but Shauna found me a solution that no one else had! Now my girl can't wait to run across it and is going way faster then she ever has before!

Brianna Schmidt,

Shauna is an excellent instructor and dog trainer, able to impart wisdom to both experienced and inexperienced dog trainers. Always positive to both humans and animals. We're fortunate to have such a world class instructor available to us.

Cindy Maloney,

Shauna has been great with my dogs from behavioural issues to agility and everything in between. She has helped train my dog from a young dog with not a lot of agility training to running master level courses with consistent progression. Definitely recommend her!

Nicky Monson,

Shauna is an excellent positive teacher and dog trainer. Her dog training skills are so good and she knows how to help so many dogs and people. She is very good at breaking down the skills into smaller parts so that the bigger picture just has to get better.

Cathy Tomm,