Agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through a predetermined pattern of obstacles in a race for both time and accuracy. A course usually has 15-21 obstacles, like tunnels, jumps, tire, weave poles, and contacts. In a trial (aka competition or show), the dog runs the course off-leash and the handler can’t touch the dog. The human half of the team relies on body language and verbal cues, to tell the canine half where to go.

 Agility is inclusive and welcomes dogs of all sizes and speeds. Dogs are broken into different height devisions depending on their size to ensure they are competing against dogs their size.





Obstacles include: Jumps, tire, weave poles, table, dog walk, aframe, and teeter. 




Head agility instructor, Shauna Oliver, competes all over the world with her dogs. She has brought home 3 gold metals for Canada at international competitions as well as many podium placements. 

We offer a wide variety of agility classes at In-Sync

This class is for dogs/handlers just starting out with little to no agility experience. We will be working on obstacle performance, beginner grids and small sequences. This class is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It can be a great way to channel the energy of some dogs and build confidence in dogs that are shy. Dogs must be at least 6 months old to attend this class.

This class is geared towards puppies or young dogs looking to start their dogs off right with proper agility foundations. All activities will be age appropriate for the dog. Multiple puppies will be working out at one time to build their focus with distractions. This class is geared towards puppies under 6 months of age.

The Junior handler agility class is just like a regular beginner class except it’s just for kids!! This class will focus on teaching your dog basic agility obstacles, with a focus on safety and correct performance for a successful career in agility. Your dog will learn jumps, tunnels, the tire, the table, and lowered aframe, dogwalk and teeter.

This class is for dogs who have completed a foundation level course and are ready to start working on handling skills. Your dog should know how to take jumps and tunnels before registering. Handling we will be concentrating on will be front crosses, rear crosses, and blind crosses.. Multiple dogs may be working at one time depending on the dogs in the class.

This class is designed for dogs who are capable of getting through a starter/advanced type course. Handling maneuvers such as threadles, throw backs, k-turns, blinds, pull throughs and collection cues will be worked on in this class. Multiple dogs may be working at one time.

This class is designed to work on specific skills by breaking then down to ensure your dog clearly understands the criteria. Work at your still level whether it’s teaching the skill itself, proofing or working it in a sequence. Multiple dogs may be working at one time. Your dog must be able to work in a group setting. (not leaving to chase/play/attack other dogs)

Do you want your dog to learn to weave? Does your dog struggle with entries? This class will be teaching weaves from the beginning using the 2×2 method. Multiple dogs may be working out at one time.

This class is designed for dogs who have independent (handler doesn’t need to help) 12 weave poles. In class we will be working on short handling sequences leading into difficult weave pole challenges.

This class is for dogs who know all the obstacles (except weaves) and can do basic handling maneuvers such as front cross, rear cross and blind cross. This class allows you to practice sequencing on starter like courses to get your dog trial ready.

This class is for dogs who have master handling skills and want to incorporate them into coursework. This class allows you to work through sequencing and putting together all those master level skills your have trained so hard to get. Dogs need to be able to perform all obstacles to enrol in this class.