Puppy Life Skills

This puppy life skills class will get you and your puppy off on the right foot. During this 6 week class, you will learn sit, down, stay, come, focus, hand target, go to bed, loose leash walking, not jumping up, handling for vet care and grooming, and more. Off leash play is not guaranteed in this class. Age, size, confidence, and play styles will be taken into consideration. This class is geared towards puppies 2-6 months old with their second set of shots.

Beginner Obedience

At In-Sync Dog Training, we believe that training is the best way to create a happy and confident dog who understands what is expected of him. Training should begin as soon as your new dog arrives in your home. Perhaps you have not had a chance to attend a puppy class or you have adopted an older dog. This foundations level obedience class is for dogs six months or older. It is designed to help you instil the basic commands you will need to communicate with your dog and help him understand the rules of your home. Topics covered include: name response, sit, down, stay, off , focus and teaching your dog to wait for a release. We also cover loose lead walking, impulse control and settle on a mat. All exercises are progressive and skills are built from the first class to the last. If you and your dog have not participated in a group class before or if you are finding that your adolescent puppy is not as co-operative as you would like, this is the class for you. Remember it is your job to be your dog’s “guide to proper etiquette” when living in a human’s world and make sure you have given your dog the skills and guidance to help him become a fabulous companion animal.

Obedience Level 2

Basic Obedience Level 2 is for dogs who have completed our Basic Obedience or Puppy Life Skills Classes. This class will take your skills to the next level by challenging and proofing your existing skills as well as focusing on some new skills such as door dashing, heeling, greeting guests and relationship building games. This course will also be flexible to work through each dogs individual needs to ensure your challenges are addressed. Dogs who have attended classes elsewhere will need the following prerequisites before registering for this class. These include name recognition, sit, down, stay, hand target, focus, settle on a mat/bed, loose leash walking foundation, as well as a recall cue.

Recall and Leash Manners

Teach your dog to come when called! Does your dog have selective hearing? Does she pull you all over creation and come only if she feels like it? Does your dog find an odor on the ground (or squirrel in your yard) more interesting than you? If you answered, “yes”, this class is for you! Learn how to teach your dog skills like: better focus and self-control, greater responsiveness to your cues, turning back towards you when he feels pressure on the lead, and come running when you call. Handlers will learn useful skills too, such as getting a dog to preform desired behaviors because she wants to, increasing your understanding of dog communication signals, and how to get “in sync” with you dog.

Recall Crash Course

This 2 week course is designed for dogs who need a recall touch up. We will be teaching recall games to play with your dog to help your dog find value in you! Games will be practiced in class but homework will be necessary to see lasting results.

Loose Leash Walking Crash Course

This 2 week class is geared towards dogs who struggle with their dogs pulling on leash. We will play games to help with their leash manners as well as practice LLW with distraction. This class is not for dogs who show reactivity towards dogs or people on walks.

Impulse Control Crash Course

This 2 week class is geared towards those impulsive dogs who need a little more control in their life. We will be focusing on control around food, toys, and people.

Puppy Social Hour

This class is meant to socialize puppies aged 2-6 months who have their second set of shots. Puppies will be dropped off at the beginning of class and will be socialized with other puppies and the trainers dogs in appropriate groups determined by your puppies size, play style, and confidence. Puppies will be rotated and crated between play sessions. We will be encouraging your puppy to use our outdoor potty area to help maintain your housetraining. This class was created during Covid 19 but we are continuing the drop off protocol as we found the puppies built more confidence and socialized more when they weren’t hiding behind their owners or looking for interaction from other people.

Introduction to Scent Detection

Our Introductory Level program is designed to get you and your dog ready for the “Sporting Detection Dogs Association” DOT test. We will Introduce the dog to searching a variety of containers, teach the dog to give an “alert” (a visual cue to the handler to indicate that their dog has found the correct location of the scent) and develop the dog’s ability to search for the Wintergreen scent. Each class builds upon the skills practiced in the previous classes and by the end of the 6 weeks dogs should be able to locate a containered scent in an enclosed area with a number of distractions.

Scent Detection Level 2

Scent Detection Level 2 will be focusing on proofing box searches, area searches as well as working towards vehicle searches. We will go over search patterns and odor movement. Please ensure your dog can accurately do a 10 box search before enrolling in this class.

Introduction to Disc

This introductory disc class is designed to teach you about disc dog and learn about the disc games from the Updog organization (combines agility and disc in some of their games) We will be focusing on throwing techniques, game strategies, timing and disc placement as well as connecting with your dog on the field. No experience is necessary but your dog does need toy drive.

Disc skills and games

If your dog loves disc and you want to learn how to take your disc skills to the next level, this is the class for you. In this class, you will be learning about some of the updog games as well as tweeting your throwing and working on your tricks for freestyle routines if that’s something you want to get into.

Introduction to Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a fun sport for your dog where they have to use their nose to locate gerbils (safely enclosed in aerated tubes) hidden in a maze of straw/hay. Since sniffing is such a fun activity for dogs, they love this sport! This class is geared towards dogs who have no experience in barn hunt but have shown prey drive.


Barn Hunt Competition Prep

This class is designed for dogs who have barn hunt experience and want to practice full runs. Each class, your dog will get to run 2-3 times on different courses. In this class we will also be working on your dog not indicating on empty or litter tubes, going through the tunnels and doing their climbs.

Agility Beginner Foundations

This class is for dogs/handlers just starting out with little to no agility experience. We will be working on obstacle performance, beginner grids and small sequences. This class is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It can be a great way to channel the energy of some dogs and build confidence in dogs that are shy.

Agility Puppy Foundations

This class is geared towards puppies or young dogs looking to start their dogs off right with proper agility foundations. All activities will be age appropriate for the dog. Multiple puppies will be working out at one time to build their focus with distractions.

Agility Junior Handler Beginner Foundations

The Junior handler agility class is just like a regular beginner class except it’s just for kids!! This class will focus on teaching your dog basic agility obstacles, with a focus on safety and correct performance for a successful career in agility. Your dog will learn jumps, tunnels, the tire, the table, and lowered aframe, dogwalk and teeter. This is a great way to exercise your dog while having fun! The class will be taught by Mikayla Ironside. Mikayla found her passion for the sport through 4H and instantly knew she wanted to compete seriously. With over 4 years experience, Mikayla was accepted onto the WAO team Canada as a junior handler and is set to compete October/November 2020 in the Netherlands!! This class is for dogs at least 8 months of age. The junior handler must be able to control the dog at all times during the class. The junior handler must be between 7-17 years of age, but exceptions can be made if they can control the dog. Classes will be held at: 17555 108th street The environment is clean and safe! We will be following all COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing!

Agility Starter Sequences

This class is for dogs who have completed Beginner Foundations and are ready to start working on handling skills. Your dog should know all the obstacles at the point except for weaves. Handling we will be concentrating on will be front crosses, rear crosses and blind crosses. Multiple dogs may be working at one time.

Agility Advanced/Master Handling

This class is designed for dogs who are capable of getting through a starter/advanced type course. Handling maneuvers such as threadles, throw backs, k-turns, blinds, pull throughs and collection cues will be worked on in this class. Multiple dogs may be working at one time.

Agility Skills and Drills

This class is designed to work on specific skills by breaking then down to ensure your dog clearly understands the criteria. Work at your still level whether it’s teaching the skill itself, proofing or working it in a sequence. Multiple dogs may be working at one time. Your dog must be able to work in a group setting. (not leaving to chase/play/attack other dogs)

Agility Beginner Handling

This class is for dogs who have completed a foundation level course and are ready to start working on handling skills. Your dog should know how to take jumps and tunnels before registering. Handling we will be concentrating on will be front crosses, rear crosses, and blind crosses.. Multiple dogs may be working at one time depending on the dogs in the class.

2×2 Weaves

Do you want your dog to learn to weave? Does your dog struggle with entries? This class will be teaching weaves from the beginning using the 2×2 method. Multiple dogs may be working out at one time.

Weave Challenges 

This class is designed for dogs who have independent (handler doesn’t need to help) 12 weave poles. In class we will be working on short handling sequences leading into difficult weave pole challenges.

Agility Starter courses

This class is for dogs who know all the obstacles (except weaves) and can do basic handling maneuvers such as front cross, rear cross and blind cross. This class allows you to practice sequencing on starter like courses to get your dog trial ready.

Agility Master courses

This class is for dogs who have master handling skills and want to incorporate them into coursework. This class allows you to work through sequencing and putting together all those master level skills your have trained so hard to get. Dogs need to be able to perform all obstacles to enrol in this class.