Dog Day training Edmonton

Our Day Training service is designed for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments. 

Drop your dog off in the morning, professionals train it during the day, then you pick your dog up in the evening.

Your dog will receive daycare, training and socialization for a low cost of $40/day.

We can help teach a variety of behaviours at day train.

-Basic commands (sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, focus, hand target)

-Advanced Behaviors (formal heal, leave it, drop, retrieve, crate training etc)

-Trick Training

-Sport training (agility, barn hunt, disc, flyball, scent detection) 

-Behavior modification (fear, aggression, frustration, jumping, barking etc)

What your dogs day will look like at In-Sync


Drop off: 8am-noon

Morning Training: After drop off, your dog will have their first training session. This session will be geared towards building a working relationship with your dog. This might involve getting your dog focused, learning to follow us on leash, or building confidence. If your dog is willing to work with us during this session, we will begin training the behaviours you chose for the day. While we are working with other dogs, your dog will be learning to settle in their crate. We encourage you to bring kibble (if your dog eats kibble) to use as a reward for settling in their crate. 

Afternoon Playgroup- If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, or we are specifically working on your dogs social skills, they will participate in an off-leash playgroup at our facility. During the playgroup, we will be focusing on appreciate play, building confidence, recall away from other dogs as well as potty training outside. We often include trainers dogs in the playgroup to socialize your dogs with well rounded dogs. 

Afternoon Training: After your dog has rested from the playgroup, they will have another training session. Typically, this training session is more productive as dogs have settled into the environment and aren’t as hyper as they were in the morning. During this session, we typically add more distraction such as another dog out while we are training. This helps your dog learn to focus despite distractions in their environment. Dogs who are needing leash manners, exposure, or have reactivity, often do their training during a walk outside.

Dogs will be taken out to go to the washroom a minimum of 3 times throughout the day. Puppies under 6 months will be taken out more often to prevent accidents and to continue house training protocols. 

Pickup: 4pm-6pm

When you pick your dog up in the evening, we will explain what we worked on with your dog and how they did. We will often provide you will homework to continue to work on these behaviors at home.