Private Lessons

Local Agility Privates

These can range from beginner training, obstacle performance, sequencing, troubleshooting and all the way up to international style course work.

Cost: $80/hr or $40/30min

Where: In-Sync Facility (17555 108 ave, Edmonton)

Local Behavior Privates

I offer behavior modification privates located at my training facility. I will work with you between 1-2hrs to help you understand why the behavior is happening, the theory behind the behavior modification and how to implement the behavior modification into your routine.

Cost: $80/session

Where: In-Sync Facility (17555 108 ave, Edmonton)

Online Agility Privates

Same as my local agility privates, I can help you with any range of problems, trouble shooting or course work online. One private will consist of a lesson and follow-up on that lesson. Video critiquing is included in the follow-up.

Cost: $80/Private

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