Tools of the Trade

Shauna is a positive reinforcement trainer therefore does not use or recommend any tools that will cause physical or mental discomfort to your dog.

Here are some of the tools Shauna uses on her dogs or will recommend to clients.

Flat Buckle Collar- Great for general leash walking as well as holding identification.

Martingale Collar- For dogs who try to slip out of a regular flat buckle collar. The martingale should be fit so it is not choking the dog when fully closed.

Halti/Holt/Gentle Leader- For dogs who need a little more control. Whether it be for pulling, focus or reactivity, the Halti will aid in giving you that much needed control while on leash.

Harnesses- my preference for walking my dogs is on a harness. It puts less pressure on their neck and can cause less damage if your dog ends up  hitting the end of the leash.

6 Foot Leash- For regular walking. Nylon, fleece, leather or chain are all ok and are preference of the handler.

Long Line- Great for recall training. Can become tangled with multiple people and/or dogs in the area. Use with caution.

Flexi Leash- For walking in large open spaces with no other people or dogs. These can be dangerous in a crowd, tight spaces or around other dogs as they can easy get tangled around someone and cause injury.

Thundershirt- Great for fear, stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity. They don't work for every dog but can be quite effective when they do.

Adaptil- Pheromone to help naturally calm your dog. Great for fear, stress, anxiety, as well as when your bring a new puppy home.

Belly Band- Great for dogs who mark in the house.

Crate/xpen- It's very important your dog is safe while your not able to monitor it. I recommend crate/xpen training from a young age to help prevent unwanted habits from forming while you're unable to monitor your dog. I also believe crating your dog in the vehicle is the safest option.