Benefits of Private Training 


When you come to a Private Training class, the class is tailored specifically to you. What that means is that we make sure you understand and are able to properly perform the training methods for your dog. We can also use different approaches to find where you and your dog will excel the best. We don’t advance until you and your dog are ready to advance.

#2-Prevention Against Unforeseen Problems

When we first talk to a client to find out where their dog is at in terms of training and which problems the clients are facing, we ask many questions to help us to understand the exact situation. When asking about the current lifestyle and day to day life for the dog, we can frequently predict where problems might arise in the future, and make proactive recommendations in order to prevent there from ever being a problem.

#3-Training Where Your Dog is at his/her Worst

Dogs often behave differently in different locations. This is why we offer private lessons both in our training facility as well as in the home to ensure we are addressing the issue where your dog struggles the most. Often, the beginning stages of training can happen at our facility, but if behaviours persist in public or in the home, we can arrange an in home private lessons to address the behaviours where they are the worst.

#4-Flexibility at Your Pace

If your dog is a slow or fast learner, it isn’t a problem. Training can be tailored to your own specific needs and it is just a matter of finding out what works best for each case. Some owners only need one training session to help where they are having troubles. Others need a bit more work. For those dogs who need more work, we set goals but we don’t schedule the next training appointment until the dog makes it to our next goal, or unless the owner needs some more help. This means that if you have a busy week or your dog is a bit of a slow learner, you don’t have to feel guilty or worry about not working at the pace of the rest of the class. There are also some very touchy commands where, even if you think your dog is ready to advance, we can help explain why the next step would be detrimental to you if we don’t feel that your dog knows the command well enough. This prevents screwing up commands like the “come” command before your dog has fully learned it.

#5-Streamlined Results

The majority of our clients find that they start seeing unexpected results from training after the very first session. Common comments have been: “Did you switch dogs on us?” or “It’s like a whole new dog.” Not only are we able to directly work with your dog, which can greatly speed up the training process, but we can also tailor the entire training experience to you and your dog. This helps you gain lots of new knowledge, as well as only receiving the information relevant to your specific case.


$50 for 30 Min


 Behavior Modification

$60 for 30 Min



$50 for 30 Min